Food / Toxins ?

Do You Know that Toxins can be Reabsorbed Back into Your Body? Are You Afraid?!

In the last 50 years, we are slowly moving away from the concept of real food. Today, we have highly processed food everywhere, such as processed fast food, refined carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat food and empty calories food. Just like tomato ketchup or tomato sauce, the amount of tomato in that sauce is less than 5%, while the other 95% is artificial stuffs. That is why sometimes flavoring is discouraged.

                Nowadays, in order to make cooking easier, many people will go to the hypermarket to buy different perencah flavorings. Like cooking a plate of Chinese fried rice, just buy a packet of perencah add on and mix them together, then the fried rice is ready to be served. LIFE IS SO EASY! In fact, all food flavorings contains a very low percentage of natural ingredients and a lot of it are chemical based. Besides, variety of ice-creams flavors such as durian, pandan, strawberry and vanilla, contain neither durian, nor pandan, but these are all flavorings synthesized chemically.

                General feedbacks from public who basically are ignorant on taking care of themselves, always have the wrong mindset and misunderstood that real foods being sold in wet market contain a lot of pesticides. So, because of the fear and confusion that mass pesticides are being used in farming and cultivation of crops, majorities prefer to eat processed food. In addition to their hectic lifestyles, people have taken for granted on chemically synthesized food as convenient meal, such as cup mee.

               In fact, this scenario is known as auto-intoxication. Auto-intoxication is about self-poisoning. Each one of us are actually going through the process of self-poisoning daily, but the magnitude will differ from person to person. Auto-intoxication will eventually lead to diseases and it is believed to be the major cause of all non-communicable diseases (non-infectious diseases). Meanwhile, non-communicable diseases can also affect and increase the risk for infectious diseases. This is because auto-intoxication will also affect the performance of immunity, especially the function of the natural killer cells (NK cells). The moment NK cells get affected, the risk to cancer diseases go up significantly. This is also one of the reason why we can see a very sharp increase in cases related to cancer. So, if auto-intoxication is addressed, then the ability of the body to prevent diseases or its resistance on diseases will increase significantly!

               Generally, everything that goes into our colon is considered as waste. But some of these waste, just like when we throw rubbish from our house, today we are advised to divide rubbish into three different categories for the purpose of recycling. Similarly, the colon is not only processing the wastes, but also picking and choosing what the body can use to reabsorb. This is very important because a lot of minerals, sources, water and enzymes can be reabsorbed back through the colon, provided our colon is healthy.

              Are all these lifestyle habits relatable to you? Read the next article on Synergy of Enzyme & Probiotics and you will find the ANTIDOTE!

Written by

Pearly Oh

Wellness Practitioner

Executive Master in Preventive Health(EMPH)

Major in Weight Management, Beauty & Skin


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