BIOCEUTICALS Global Firming Care Treatment

Intensive firming and antioxidant facial care. Formulated from ingredients of natural origin that combine the firming power with the lifting action of DMAE and plant actives, with the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of ferulic acid and vitamin C. This step by step improves the overall appearance of the skin, helps fight loss of firmness and tones down the appearance of expression lines, while returning all the brightness to it and combating the visible signs of aging.

 Exfoliant (Green Tea Powder) – The cutaneous removal provides with smoothness, luminosity, firmness and an even tone results in just few minutes.

 Natural AHA Cocktail – Help promote cellular renewal and achieve a younger, smoother, radiant skin, as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

 Ferulic + Vit C + DMAE Concentrate – With 15% of pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that helps combat the loss of firmness, as well as improving the appearance of the lines of expression and wrinkles. The skin also recovers its brightness and natural tone.

 Stay Tight Mask – Creamy face mask with lifting effect for immediate beauty and providing a uniform, radiant and bright appearance.

 Lift Intensive Cream – Strengthen and protect the cells.


With different combinations developed entirely according to the needs of the skin needs. Five Essential Concentrates Five patented formula are treatments that can be tailored made to the skin of your customers. Innovative and creative with new discoveries with original therapy, respect the skin and nature.

 Papain Enzimatic Resurfacer – can stimulating the peeling of the corneocytes, maintain the natural barrier and restoring the levels of moisturization.

 Glucosyl Hesperidin + Niacinamide Massage Gel – strengthen the moisturising effect and stimulate cutaneous microcirculation for and radiant skin.

 Skin Relief ( Calming Concentrate ) – manages to minimise the alterations of the skin, lessening cutaneous inflammation of the epidermis and providing softness.

 Skin Clarifier ( Concentrated Skin Purifier ) – it decreases sebaceous secretion and avoids swelling caused by the excess of grease.

 Ultra Firm ( Concentrated Firming Cream ) – can recovers the firmness and improves the tone of the skin to help achieve an instant smoothness.

 Radiance Plus ( Concentrated Brightener ) – boosts the natural renewing process of the skin, improving oxygenation, minimising the effects of the ageing skin.

 O2 Detox ( Concentrated Oxygenate ) – protection mechanisms of the cutaneous cells and action captures free radicals and oxygenation of the cells.

 Second Skin Mask ( Moisturising Mask ) – calming and moisturises the skin, providing a radiant and healthy appearance.

♦ The True Cream ( Moisturising Cream ) – innovative, creamy and soft texture easy to absorb and with a comfortable touch.

HA50X Pro-Hyaluronic Treatment

Formulated with unique blend of hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight, which strengthens the protective barrier of the skin against the environment and maintains a maximum level of cutaneous moisturization. It redensifies the epidermis, providing volume, decreases the appearance of wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin.

 Hyaluronic Scrub and Mask – provides exfoliating and descaling mask actives work together to produce a double action.

 Hyaluronic Serum – Is a concentrate rich in hyaluronic acid of molecular weights to protect the cells from oxidants and moisture the skin.

 Pro Hyaluronic Mask – it is capable of absorbing up to 40 times its volume in contact with water and its perfect cutaneous bio-affinity its active fill the wrinkles and stimulate the collagen.

 Hyaluronic Cream Pollution Neutralizer – Anti Pollution cream formulated with an active, Symurban , which protects the skin from harmful external and strengthen the natural defense mechanism.

Professional Glycolic Kit + Vitamin C

The advantage of this treatment is to eliminate the bridge that join the coenocytes and removing dead skin cells, restores and maintaining the optimum hydric level, unifies the skin tone, and reduce deep winkles.

 Peeling Treatment Mix Vitamin C Powder – the main effect of which exfoliation of the skin dead cells and protect the skin form the first ageing signs and reinforces the collagen stimulation.

 Protection Cream SPF 25 – A fast absorbing day moisturizer that nourishes and restores it moisture. It help to prevent and protect skin against UV rays.

Collagen Booster Method

Highly performance age defying treatment formulated with main ingredients, which stimulates the collagen synthesis has high antioxidant, anti-ageing actions that brings the skin visibly looks healthy, firm, flexible and luminous.

 Microderm Polisher Powder – Intensive Peeling, with an immediate action, that removes death cells and impurities of the skin surface. It’s smooth and unifies the skin tone and reduces skin blemishes.

 Serum Peptide – Stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. It moisturizes and calm down the skin.

 C Mask – This mask contains collagen in a very high concentration and Vitamin C which stimulates the collagen synthesis and provides an antioxidant action.

 Activating Lotion – it contains moisturizing agents to provide a protective film to the skin.

 Power C Peptide Cream – it strengthens the skin structure providing firmness to the skin and providing brightness.

Lab Biotics Professional Treatment Kit

Formulated with pre- and probiotics that help maintain the delicate balance of the micro-biota of the skin, improving both its resistance and its defense. They reactivate its own cellular renewal, strengthen the natural barrier of the skin that protects us from harmful external factors and premature ageing of the skin, while providing in-depth moisturized and revitalization. The result is a repaired, moisturized skin with a healthy appearance.

 Pro-Concentrate – Rich in pre- and probiotics, this serum strengthen and boost the immune system of the skin and favors the balance of the micro-biota. It also provides a bright and moisturize skin.

 Peel-Off Mask Cream – The mask leaves the skin nourished and soft. Obtain a firm and smooth skin. It recovers the natural tone of the skin and brightens its complexion.

 Lactis Advanced Cream – Rich in pre- and probiotic cream helps maintain the balance of the cutaneous flora. It reactivates its own cellular renewal while deeply moisturizing and revitalizing.

Charcoal Mask Treatment

Due to its purifying and detoxing active ingredients, this face mask is the ideal treatment for oily skin with impurities or for all those skin types that need detoxifying and deep cleansing. It provides transparency and brightness to tired and devitalized skin while maintaining it free from shininess.

 Charcoal Mask – In this process this cosmetic charcoal acquires 3 main action detox, anti- bacterial/purifying and anti-ageing in our skins. It boosts the effect of the charcoal and achieve a much healthier, brighter, smoother and uniform skin.