AQUA GENOMICS Self-Moisturizing Treatment

Aqua Genomics is an amazing treatment contains the self-moisturizing ingredients interaction between the cosmetics actives and our genomics which able to stimulate our own DNA to perform specific functions, such as stimulate Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) maintain and restructure skin hydration and moisture.

 Enzymatic Peeling – Formulated with natural enzymes, for deeply cleanses the skin uncovering new radiance and soften the pores.

 Hydrant Concentrate – Intensive serum concentrate with a moisturizing complex to activates the natural moisture of the epidermis and provides moisturizing molecules.

 Alginates Mask – Enriched with sea water which stimulates the regeneration of the cells and moisturizes the skin texture.

 Aqua Sorbet Rich – It recreates the natural moisture of the skin and restores the balancing between water and lipids.

PURE SOLUTIONS Oil Control Treatment

Pure Solution treatment is a secret to manage with acne is Prevention. This treatment is special solution to treat the causes of sebaceous gland activity and impurities to decongestant, repairing, and eliminate blemishes of the skin.

♦ Peeling treatment (AHA + BHA) – It improves the skin appearance and remove impurities and reduce the pores blocked by exfoliating the skin.

♦ Oil Control Concentrate – Professional serum with a balancing the sebaceous secretion and minimize the enlarge pores.

♦ Oil Control Mask – There are immediate visible effects after application. It leaves the skin clean and minimize the pores.

♦ Balancing Fluid – Oil free emulsion moisturizing which eliminates shine caused by fat excess, leaving the skin smooth and matt.

Energising Treatment

Volcanic Thermal Mask treatment can provides energy, vitality, lifting and restores the normal skin shade thanks to a high content after provides an intensive exfoliation to improve the skin appearance and prepare the skin for better absorption. Its firms and shapes the face with a lifting affect by stimulate blood circulation and cellular renewal.

 Whitening Peel Treatment – it can help to reduces pigmentation which can improve the texture by removing the external layers of the skins cleaning the pores.

 Vitalizing Massage Cream – to promotes firmness and radiance the skin, while improving blood circulation.

♦ Volcanic Soil Mask – This mask will provide high mineral with heating effect to create lifting and improve blood circulation effect.

WHITE Intensive Whitening Treatment

The main action of this effective treatment is help to improves skin tone, lighten pigmentation and counteract melanin formation. However, it also has a powerful anti-ageing and oxygenating effect with stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin texture by removing the external layers of the skin.

 Whitening Peel Treatment – It can help to reduces pigmentation which can improve the texture by removing the external layers of the skins cleaning the pores.

 Intensive Whitening Concentrate – The combination of ingredients, which moisture and calm the skin after the exfoliation. It also can reduce the signs of aging and lighten the skin.

 Intensive Whitening Mask – It can help for anti-inflammatory, brightening and antioxidant, which can inhibits the synthesis of melanin to make the skin become radiance.

 Day Protection SPF 15 – It can protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent existing spots.

SKIN COMFORT Eye Contour Treatment

Specific treatment for the ocular area. Suitable for sensitive eyes with problems of eye circles and eye bags to help reduces the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, dark circle, relieve congestion, leaving eye area feeling refreshed and toned.

 Eye Contour Mask – creamy mask that provide comfort to the eye contour area erases any fatigue signs and moisturizes the skin.

 Eye Contour Serum – Extra light serum that smooth, soften and refreshes the eye contour unifies the skin of this delicate zone to help reduce the eye bags.

♦ Eye Contour Gel-Cream – restructures the capillarity of the fragile zone of the eye contour and softening the expression lines.