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In the past 20 years, where technology in the beauty industry is not that advancing enough, people who suffer from acne and other skin problems, tend to seek dermatologists' advice as their last resort, to prescribe for them on the antibacterial medication benzoyl peroxide that is used in combination with topical retinoids to kill acne-causing bacteria, as an early intervention. However, overuse of antibiotics also can promote the growth of resistant bacteria, disturb the balance of microflora on skin, which can make treating acne more challenging (Baldwin, 2019).

                 In fact, if you are a beauty expertise, you will notice that, people who was once an acne-prone skin in 10 or 20 years ago, tends to develop enlarged pores and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) whereby dark spots left behind after inflamed pimples healed, as compared to those acne sufferers in this era.

                Today, thanks to the innovative and emerging technology in beauty industry, many new forms of skin care products ranging from antioxidants skin care that contains polyphenol phytonutrients to combat free radicals (Kianty Experience), stem cell products which designed for mature skins (Cell Active), tea tree oil antiseptic for acne-prone skin (Pure Solutions), Collagen Boosters to stimulate collagen synthesis, Aqua Genomics which contains active ingredients that can stimulate DNA expression, Lab Division Boosters personalized cosmetics with patented formula which cater for individual needs, and also Lab Biotics, probiotics skin care which can strengthen our skin's defense system by regulating the balance of skin microflora, have introduced to great diversity of skin types. Unlike antibiotics, which kill no matter good or bad bacteria, probiotics disallow colonization of disease-provoking bacteria by ensuring 80% friendly bacteria and 20% pathogenic bacteria staying on skin. Hence, skin functions as a window to our overall health, it is like an early warning sign to us that we should go for a blood test or an MRI scan to see what is going on inside (Alam & Dover, 2001).

                In conclusion, the secret of having a healthy, glowing and vibrant skin is not only what we put on our body, but also what we put in our body. On the contrary, conventional medicines that are given by dermatologists such as steroid creams, peelers and antibiotics, especially those that need to take orally, can wreck havoc on the gut and affect our overall health in long run. In fact, using antibiotics to cure acne, like other invasive procedure, only buries the problem. This is because conventional medicine treats symptoms whereas functional medicine treats root causes.

Written by

Pearly Oh

Wellness Practitioner

Executive Master in Preventive Health(EMPH)

Major in Weight Management, Beauty & Skin


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