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Face Mapping. What Does Your Face Say About You? ... Skin acne is Not Just a Puberty Sign!

                Back in the ancient time, face mapping and reading which stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine, was used as a skin analysis tool for prominent scholars. They believed that the face acts as a life indicator, which signifies one's fortune, health, energy, fate and direction (Mukti, 2017). Just like a fortune teller, by closely analysing the skin condition and facial shape, they could suss out a person's character in terms of physical, mental and emotional state.

                Today, dermatologists do not treat skin problems as a sign of something goes wrong in our body. In contrary, face mapping and reading is not only much deeper than just solely examining on the epidermis, but also more involved than just being concerned about aging. Basically, the face is categorized into three distinct parts - upper, middle and lower. Thus, if there is any toxins accumulation or malfunctions within the body, it will flare up on face in the form of breakouts, allergy, dryness or irritation.              

                Certainly, it is believed that if the energy flow of a person was optimal, the complexion and skin texture will be luminous and in good condition. On the other hand, if there is any malfunction or illness within a person, it will be reflected on the face with a change in skin colour, texture and overall appearance.

                Hence, face mapping considers the interconnectedness of our organs via meridian channels (a Qi electrical energy flows to and from organ systems in the body, ensuring movement, breathe, emotions and brain function), in order to identify the internal issues where what affects one organ affects another. Specifically, in face mapping, each part of the face has a distinct "Qi" point or relationship to the internal organs.


Figure 8. An example of Chinese face mapping on how to read your skin within. Adapted from Chinese Face Map Reveals Internal Body Issues from Pimples and Rashes, by G. Mchaileh, 2015. Retrieved from


Adapted with permission.

Skin acne is Not Just a Puberty Sign

                Skin, being the largest organ and first level of immunity, continuously detoxifies and cannot keep up with the constant daily barrage of environmental and dietary toxins. If the accumulation of toxins is excessive, skin starts to look awful with many skin problems arise, that are probably caused by factors like toxicity, gut imbalances, food allergies and nutrient deficiencies.

                In fact, skin disorders should not be just considered as a normal part of childhood development, like common flu or diarrhoea. If we have acne, whether mild or severe, it should not be taken for granted and accepted as just part of growing up. Just like no one would leave a child with pneumonia untreated, similarly we should not leave skin diseases untreated where the severity of the consequence could be unbearable. Instead, what I have consistently seen in my practice is that when people go from feeling sick to feeling healthy that they enjoy their life more and that others enjoy them more. I have never met anyone that asked to make them sick again because they were more insightful or appreciative when they were sick.

                Thus, in my opinion the only acceptable level of getting skin problems at any age is none. Similarly, the only acceptable level of lung or digestive infection is none. The first outbreak in a child or adult should be a sign that something is out of balance in the body or in other words, there is a high level of internal inflammation, oxidative stress or a bad circulation. Luckily this condition is very motivating to people that have an aesthetic consciousness and want to have beautiful skin. In case you are struggling with this, let us tell you the pieces that have to be in place to have beautiful skin.


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Executive Master in Preventive Health(EMPH)

Major in Weight Management, Beauty & Skin


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