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Why Would I Have to Take Enzymes and Probiotics? Are They Addictives? Do Enzymes and Pobiotics Replace The Body's Own Digestive Supply When Taking Them?

"All diseases start from the gut", right from level one diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia, all three diseases can be pointed to the gut. While diabetes is known as a nutritional disorder. Generally, the gut represents the stomach, small intestine and colon. If these particular areas are kept under control, most of the time, the chances of diseases will become lower. In fact, gut bacteria within the colon is very important on helping us to maintain good health. There are a lot of emphasizes in terms of beneficial bacteria, that is probiotics.

                However, there are many people who take high dosages of probiotics but still end up suffering from a lot of digestive problems. Because nature says that it is not only one thing that keeps us in balance, many have forgotten about digestive enzymes. The human body produces its own enzymes (metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes), and about half of the body’s total enzyme production is used up for digestion.  Because the body places such a high priority on digestion, an inadequate digestive enzyme, that is enzyme-deficit will “steal” enzymes from the immune system to operate, in turn weakening immune function. The body can be weakened to an extend that it can no longer defense against foreign invaders (Deaton, 2020).

                Although the body produces its own digestive enzymes, it may not be enough to completely break down cooked or processed foods. Moreover, as we get older, our supply of enzymes begins dwindling. By the age of 50, we may be producing half the amount of enzymes when we were younger. As a result, we may not be  able to properly digest and absorb all the nutrients our body need as we age, meanwhile  lower our immune fighting capacity and end up hasten the ageing process (Lamm, 2020).

            Taking supplemental enzymes gives the GI tract a jump-start on digestion, making food easier to break down and nutrients easier to assimilate (Guthrie, 2019). Enzyme support is crucial to heal and rebuild intestinal lining as the intestinal villi projections are covered by digestive enzymes. Thus, taking supplemental enzymes can reduce stress to the digestive system, as well as support the proper uptake of nutrients, especially when eating food that are highly processed, cooked improperly or difficult to digest.

                However,  though it is well known that enzymes are an essential part of a healthy digestive system, it is less well known on the essential role they play in supporting a healthy immune system. Promoting a healthy gut is a first line of defense in maintaining immune health. Our gut wall houses 70% of the immune cells that make up our immune system. Undeniably, supplement products that incorporate the synergy of enzymes and probiotics are excellent  to support both digestive and immune health.

                In addition, probiotics are well known for their role in digestive health, but also provide vital support to the immune system.  These beneficial bacteria play a crucial role in the development of the mucosal immune system in the digestive tract. When the mucosal membrane lining of the intestines is compromised due to improper eating habits or stress, immunity is also compromised and there is a greater risk of becoming sick.  Bifidobacteria have been identified as the most important gut flora (good bacteria) in the intestines for providing gut barrier protection. Notably, research has shown that Bifidobacteria help to support the immune system by promoting normal lymphocyte and phagocyte activity, which are white blood cells that are essential for fighting infections (Deaton, 2020).  

                Most importantly, our Amazeline Pro Enzyme has clinically tested BB536, a highly effective strain of Bifidobacterium Longum , a very stable probiotic strain that supports digestive and immune health. BB536 reacts with the gut microbiota to (Wong, Odamaki & Xiao, 2019) :

  • improve gastrointestinal health,
  • Reduction of formation of dangerous polyps, mushroom-like grown, in both colon and stomach that can cause cancer.
  • modulate host immune homeostasis,
  • alleviate allergic disorders and infectious conditions.

                    Meanwhile, Amazeline Pro Enzyme contains a broad spectrum of enzymes, 7 types of digestive enzymes that are produced from plants and yeast fermentation, has a full blend of enzymes to digest carbs, proteins, fats and cellulose fibre. Interestingly, Amazeline Pro Enzyme can be taken in between meals to heighten the action of our own digestive enzymes in the body. Also, it contains 100% plant-based enzymes that cover a wider pH range (3.0-9.0) to improve food nutrients utilization.

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